Carian Dunn

Carian Dunn

Head of Maths

My name is Carian Venessa Dunn, I am the class teacher for 4C and also the head of Mathematics for Primary at MTS. I am 33 years old and come from London, United Kingdom. I have worked within the education sector for many years and throughout those years have become an inspiring educator with the experience, knowledge, skills and understanding of a variety of teaching, learning, assessment and behaviour management strategies needed to make a positive impact on the progress of all pupils. 

I began my studies over 14 years ago at the Roehampton University of Surrey. I studied and graduated with a BA honors Degree in English literature, and Drama and Theatre performance studies. This opened a world of doors for me and ignited my love of renaissance performance and literature. I later went on to obtain my post graduate certificate of Education.

My love of drama has helped me to take the valuable theories I have studied into the classroom and enabled me to bring countless lessons to life, enhance the appropriate social abilities and skills of children to facilitate their progression and development.

In my spare time, I love to relax with friends, have a lovely meal and unwind with some retail therapy. I love to act and sing and over the years have spent many hours as part of drama and choir clubs.

I believe that every child matters and their individual achievements should be celebrated no matter how big or small. I dedicate myself to devise and develop ways to encourage pupils further as well as challenging and inspiring pupils to aid understanding of knowledge by adapting expertise of SEND and EAL children.

My classroom is a place where children feel safe and are equipped with the tools to become confident learners with the ability to become valuable members of a global society. I am looking forward to working with 4C this year!

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