KA2019140_Ahmed Abdelhaleem Mohamed_Arabic A

Ahmed Abdelhaleem Mohamed

Head of Arabic A (Secondary)

My name is Ahmed Abdel Haleem Mohamed, I completed my Bachelor in arts ,  Arabic language and Islamic education from the Faculty of education. I got a professional diploma in Arabic language in teaching methods. I have more than 20 years experience, including 14 years in (middle and secondary school), and then moved to work in UAE in school (Gems Metropole) For the sixth year.

i always believed that education is a great message to the heirs of the prophets, is a sacred profession reflect the teacher's role in challenging the capacity of students and create an educational atmosphere of rigorous interaction and focus on research skills, creativity and innovation,

I am always trying to improve myself, looking for all new teaching strategies, and got a teacher's license. for my favorite hobby at leisure time is the practice of athletics, soccer and reading poetry,

Within my new role as Head of Arabic A in secondary stage, I feel confident in liaising with pupils, staff members and parents regarding any issues that may arise, including academic, pastoral and behavioral issues. My role not only managing teaching, learning but also resource allocation and work cooperatively as a community.

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