Sumayya Bari

English as an Additional Language Teacher

My name is Sumayya Bari and I have been working as a cover teacher at GEMS Metropole since 2017, right after I completed my iPGCE from the University of Dundee. Prior to that I worked as a lead teacher at Building Blocks Nursery where I was responsible for merging my Montessori practices into the prevalent EYFS. I hold a Montessori diploma from the University of Vancouver and a Masters of Science in Finance from the University of Warwick, UK. Both my post and undergrad degrees were completed with merit scholarships.

Here at Metropole, I have worked with students in Foundation Stages, primary as well as, secondary, all at the same time, which has enriched me with a variety unmatchable to any other comparable experience. As an EAL teacher, I work with children that are dependent on my ability to innovatively provide them with the necessary language support to allow them to grow in their classrooms alongside their peers. The satisfaction of helping students be able to function to the best of their abilities and watch them flourish, has kept me always wanting more such opportunities.

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