Mohamed Farag Ginina

Head of Arabic A (Primary)

My name is Mohamed Farag, one of your success partners in the Arabic Team at GEMS Metropole School. I am a well-qualified Arabic Language teacher and team leader with a bachelor’s degree in Education (Arabic major), Professional Diploma, and General Educational Diploma from Egypt. Recently, I got my teacher’s license from the Ministry of Education in the UAE as an Arabic teacher, and I train teachers for KHDA assessment 2017, I got my career certificate in teaching Arabic from the American University in Cairo.

Currently, I am doing my Master’s degree in Curriculum and Methodology of Teaching Arabic Language researching mainly in the field of communicative approaches.

Within my new role as Head of Arabic A in primary stage, I feel confident in liaising with pupils, staff members and parents regarding any issues that may arise, including academic, pastoral and behavioural issues, To make it clearer, I’ll be a classroom educator who simultaneously takes on leadership roles outside of the classrooms to assist in functions of the larger school system. 

My tasks include but are not limited to: managing teaching, learning, and resource allocation. 

I would describe myself as an enthusiastic, passionate and committed teacher and team leader of Arabic who strives to improve his teaching at all times and leaves a lasting impression on students for years to follow. The focus of my work will be ensuring my students’ reception is of the highest quality. I’ve joined Metropole School with 10 years' experience in education including 8 years here in the UAE, My first 2 years were in Egypt.

Over the last ten years, I have been able to acquire wide experience as an Arabic teacher using the modern technologies for teaching students while implementing the most recent platforms and I am experienced at delivering the MOE Curriculum in line with English National Curriculum, US Curriculum and IB. I have developed various materials and have a clear understanding of how to teach Arabic language for all levels, beginners to advanced, in a school with students of many different nationalities and from a range of backgrounds.

I believe all children should have an educational experience where they feel safe to be themselves, share ideas, learn together and from one another, and truly enjoy their learning journey. It is our collective work as a group of educators to create a school culture that resonates into every classroom and shared space to allow students to foster and grow. 

I am excited to continue my journey here at GEMS Metropole and I am really looking forward to beginning a new year and excited about my role as Head of Arabic A.

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