Mohammed Asif Salim

Head of Mathematics

My name is Mohammed Asif Salim and I am looking forward to the role as the Mathematics Head of Department at GEMS Metropole. 

I was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire and studied BEng Hons Degree in Aerospace Engineering at Liverpool University followed by a MEng Laser Engineering Degree. I have always been interested in aviation and joined the cadets from the age of 14 whereby I experienced aircraft maintenance and gliding. This fuelled my desire to become a pilot upon completion of my first degree and allowed me to practice as an instructor and trainer in the United States. 

My true passion has been in education and after completing a PGCE in Mathematics at Manchester University I embarked on my career in education. Since then I have worked in numerous schools in the UK and have gained further qualifications including Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) and National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders (NPQSL). 

I have been teaching in the UAE for three years and wish to use my experience and the skills developed to deliver the absolute best for the students by leading a team who will focus on providing an outstanding teaching and learning experience. 

My focus will be on providing a personalised, stimulating, well differentiated and engaging lessons whilst using exciting and innovative ways to monitor and check progress. The aim is to allow the students to develop not only a passion for mathematics in the classroom but also allow the students to use the mathematical skills developed to become well rounded individuals to tackle all challenges presented in real life situations.

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