Pam Dhaliwal

Head of Science

My name is Pam Dhaliwal and I am the Head of Science.

I grew up in the UK and have a BSc Hons in Biomedical Science and a PGCE in Secondary Education Biology and General Science.
I have spent the last 20 years of my career teaching in the UK.

I have developed my teaching practice as a classroom teacher, an Advanced Skills teacher, a Lead Practitioner of Teaching and Learning, Head of Science and Director of Science. This academic year, 2020 I made the decision to move to Dubai to take up a role at GEMS Metropole as Head of Science. I am very excited to start this new chapter in my career.

In a teaching and learning classroom environment I strive to engage all students. I develop positive relationships and use a variety of teaching methodology. I ensure that knowledge is embedded and students recall it with ease. By Instilling a growth mindset, everything is possible with hard work, I always give every student in my care the opportunity to progress and reach their full potential.

I believe that learning goes beyond the classroom and throughout my career I have organised and led school trips. I have taken expeditions to Mongolia and China, Ecuador and Galapagos and various ski trips around Europe. In country Science trips to museums, exhibitions, universities and to industry. I have developed science clubs, STEM sessions and animal club to name but a few. All experiences have their place in ensuring that a holistic approach is taken teaching and learning.

To balance out my busy work life life I am passionate about fitness and wellbeing. I enjoy travelling and experiencing new cultures and traditional lifestyles around the world.

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