Jodie Callow

Jodie Callow

Inclusion Specialist Teacher

My name is Jodie Callow and I am from the South West of England. In 2017, I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a degree in Psychology and a year later, I completed my Primary PGCE teacher training. During my training, I thoroughly enjoyed my placements and adapting my teaching to manage the varying needs of the children was essential in my practice. My enhancement placement at a fantastic SEN school in Bristol fueled my passion for teaching children with additional needs, to break down barriers to learning and effectively support all children in the classroom.

This will be my first year as a SEND Support Teacher after spending the last two years as a Year 3 Class Teacher at GEMS Metropole School. Having recently completed Stage 3 Makaton training, I feel confident bringing Makaton into the classroom to support all children in developing their language and signing skills.

Progress is individual to every child and happens at different paces. I embrace the challenge of adapting my teaching to, not only include academic progress but social and emotional as well to ensure that each child achieves their own personal goals.

Close communication between parents and myself is essential in supporting each individual child. Developing these close relationships, is something I look forward to doing over the year to create a consistent support network for each child.

I look forward to working with new children this year and helping to break down barriers to learning.

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