Welcome Message From School Principal

Welcome to our school community

A warm welcome to you from the students, staff and community of GEMS Metropole. I do hope that the information contained within our website will help to introduce you to the happy, safe and inclusive community based environment of our school, where every child is valued as a unique individual.

Whilst I do believe that academic success helps to give every child the best opportunities in life, I also believe there is a responsibility to help students develop strong character, apply skills learnt in school life and the wider world which is our key purpose at Metropole. We strive to support knowledge, help students to acquire skills and develop a strong character to help prepare them for their future aspirations. Metropole is usually a place central to the city, country or community, this is what our school is; the hub of our community and will support all aspects of community life inside and outside school. Our school welcomes all into our central hub.

GEMS Metropole school provides excellent education for students from Foundation Stage 1 (age 3) to Year 13 (age 17), offering a variety of iGCSE and A-Level qualifications. The school also supports growth in Heritage subjects linked to the Ministry of Education subjects of Arabic, Islamic, Social Studies and Moral Education, these subjects help our students develop an understanding of the local and regional heritage, learn about the language of the country and its values.

At Metropole expect very high standards of work and behaviour from all our students and more importantly we expect every young person to try to achieve beyond their potential, we will strive to support and push every learner. We are here to serve the community, but also to challenge it, in order to maintain high standards and improve on all areas in line with the Dubai’s educational vision to create the best possible learners. We will ensure there is effective teaching and learning for every student, every day in every classroom and I will be working hard to ensure that this is the reality at our school.

As the central hub, GEMS Metropole is a diverse community representing over 100 nationalities and over 50 languages spoken. Culture, heritage, diversity and tolerance are common strengths of our school community, with parents are partners in all aspects of life in school and outside of school. GEMS Metropole will promote these great partnerships at its core aims, helping to bringing the wider community together into our central hub.

The school has a strong sports and Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) provision both during the Masterclass sessions as well as after school. Students will participate in many activities in sports, performing arts, music, learning clubs, design and technology as well as languages. These activities will help to develop student’s interests and we will encourage them to advance in the areas of interest beyond the school. As the hub of our community, the school will offer activities for parents and residents around the school to better serve our community.

GEMS Metropole is a warm and welcoming school which is happy to invite any prospective parents and students to visit the school, to meet the staff and students. Education is about making a real positive difference, providing every opportunity for all learners to be successful, helping them to achieve beyond their potential and developing life-long learning skills. We would be privileged if you would like to come and join us.

Mr. Nav Iqbal


السيد ناف إقبال


لمشاهدة السيد ناف يتحدث عن فلسفته في التعليم ووجهات نظره حول أفضل طريقة لدعم طلابنا، يرجى مشاهدة مقاطع الفيديو التالية

  • القادة يصنعون الفرص
  • "أنتم شركاء في مدرسة أطفالكم"

    عن مشاركة أولياء الأمور في الحياة المدرسية
  • "هذا أمر مهم في المدرسة والمنزل"

    عن بناء الشخصية وجواهر الإحسان لجيمس
  • "من المهم مشاركة الآراء المهمة"

    عن التواصل الفعال

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