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GEMS Metropole School Communicator

GEMS Metropole is pleased to offer a great communication tool: the d6 School Communicator. The School Communicator is an application designed for parents, to improve and enhance the school-to-parent communication.

By using the Communicator app, parents can quickly view school information for their child including school news, announcements, calendar, important alerts, local weather and important policies, attachments and forms for download as well as weekly Primary School newsletters and Secondary School Information publications. It also provides a facility for parents to see the school contacts including teachers.

This application can be installed on a computer (Apple macOS or Microsoft Windows Operating Systems) and on smart devices and phones (Apple iOS and Android devices).

Should parents need assistance with installing this application, we invite them to bring their portable computer or smart phone into our Main Reception area, where our Parent Relations Executive will be happy to help install the app step-by-step.

When installed in a computer, the GEMS Metropole School Communicator can be set to auto-start after logging-in to the computer allowing parents to view pushed information instantly and conveniently from their computer screen.

Please CLICK or TAP the links below to download the application:

For Mac Computer For Windows Computer
Communicator v.3.0 for Mac Communicator v.3.0 for PC

For Smart Devices
iPhones, iPads & 
iPod Touch's

Download School Communicator for the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
Android Devices
Google Play Store

Google Play Store
Mobile Web Site
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