Dr Jennie Telus

Head of Inclusion

My name is Dr. Jennie Telus and I am delighted to join GEMS Metropole School as the Head of Inclusion this fall. I completed my Doctorate of Education and Master of Education in Reading & Autism from Nova Southeastern University, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Florida State University.

I am from Florida, USA, born in the Bahamas, and of Haitian descent. I have over 13 years of experience in the field of education in the UAE, Hong Kong, China, and the USA. My journey in the field of inclusion has been driven by a profound belief in the power of collaboration. I am dedicated to building strong partnerships with parents, educators, and support staff to ensure a holistic approach to meeting your children's unique needs. I understand that each child is an individual, and I am committed to developing personalized education plans that cater to their specific abilities and learning styles.


As a passionate advocate for inclusive education, I am dedicated to empowering every student to reach their full potential. I believe every child deserves a quality education, and I am committed to positively impacting the lives of my students and the school community. I will foster a positive and inclusive learning environment for students with diverse abilities to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

I am a lifelong learner and explorer. When not working, I am spending time with my husband, family, and friends. I immerse myself in cultural adventures, savoring the local cuisine, exploring historic landmarks, and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds cultural exploration is an integral part of my life. 

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