Kevin Conlon

Kevin Conlon

Assistant Headteacher of Secondary

My Name is Kevin Conlon and I am an Assistant Head of Secondary School at GEMS Metropole School. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our school. I joined the school in September 2016 as a mathematics teachers and I have watch the school grow and develop into the dynamic, supportive and forward thinking place for all of our students to learn. As part of the pastoral leadership team for the past few years I have been privileged to work closely with our students and watch their success through GCSE’s, into A-Levels and beyond. It gives me great satisfaction to see the hard work and ambition of our students rewarded and to watch them become role models for younger students who strive to follow in their footsteps. Furthermore I am extremely pleased to have been part of building the strong inclusive community that we have developed over the last few year where students are proud to be from Metropole and have a desire to be students at our school.

I was brought up on the west coast of Ireland, where I went to school and then onto the National University of Ireland, Galway. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree before continuing onto a Postgraduate in Education. My teaching journey began in Ireland where I taught for 5 years in a number of schools before I moved to Dubai to continue in education in an international context. Throughout my life I have been heavily involved in sports and coaching and this has had an influence on my teaching style and career progression. I always look for the strengths of students and how we can use those to ensure progress to achievement both within lesson and in their non-academic life.

I have always been aware of the important role that school plays in the lives of students, parents and the wider community. The relationships between each of these people plays a huge part in our schools success and will continue to be a driving force in the schools improvement in the coming years. This is further supported by the strong emphasis on curricular and extra-curricular activities within the school again building on the strong sense of community that makes this school a truly unique and special place to work.

Outside of school I continue to take a keen interest in sport and fitness, visiting various parts of the Middle East to take part in sporting competitions. I have also continued to give to back to my community, most recently by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in order to raise money and awareness for a Brain Tumor Charity based in the UK. I am proud to call Dubai my home and thankful for the opportunities it has given me both professionally and personally. I am excited to continue my journey here at GEMS Metropole and I look forward to the schools continued growth and success.

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