After School Activities

Developing skills in new ways

GEMS Metropole School, Motor City, offers a wide selection of extra-curricular activities for after-school involvement. Our activities are run and coordinated by both our team and specialist teachers. While participation in these activities is optional, we encourage students to be involved as it allows them to explore new areas of learning within the school environment.

Some of the activities offered are:

  • Sports
  • Arts and crafts
  • Arabic & Islamic
  • Homework
  • Technology
  • Debating
  • Music
  • Drama clubs

Each activity runs for an academic term.  Primary Year 01 to 06 students can request one activity per term. Secondary Years 07 to 11 can request up to three activities.

There is a request booking window open for about 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each term. 

GEMS Metropole Free After School Activities uses a request/booking system called 'chq'.  This system allows us at GEMS Metropole to organise the complex arrangements of so many activities, students, rooms and teachers as well as offer a booking system and fair, randomised allocation process.

Please visit after receiving your username and password credentials sent from [email protected] to your primary email address you provided at the time of enrolling your child(ren).

If you would like to find out more about the After School Activities on offer, please call email us at [email protected]