English as an Additional Language

GEMS Metropole school is a culturally, linguistically and nationally diverse community. It is one of the best things about us! Having students from over 100 countries from a vast array of language groups, we recognize and embrace the fact that not all of our applicants have levels of English that will allow them to access the National Curriculum from day one, and we are here to help. From the moment you enter, we are ready to support those with language needs.

Our EAL enrolment testing is administered face to face with an EAL specialist and allows us to pinpoint the strengths within English language and also tells us the areas in need of development.

If your child has been identified as needing language support, the support sessions will begin as soon as your child has settled into their new environment. In some cases, your child will attend an Intensive English Programme. Our intensive program aims to develop basic English vocabulary and increase speaking confidence.

After completing the intensive program, students will be placed on an individualized language plan (ILP) based on National Curriculum targets. The language targets set in this document are created based on the testing done during the enrollment process and will be developed through EAL support sessions.


We realise joining a new school, that is not in your mother tongue, may be extremely overwhelming… Our Parent Language Representatives are here to help. They speak over 10 languages from Azerbaijanian and Arabic to Polish, Russian and Urdu! The admissions team and our parent relations executive have their contact details at hand so you can easily have a point of contact that speaks your own language to help you settle into our school family.

We also host a parent’s evening for EAL families early in the year where you will meet the EAL specialist teachers who will walk you through our program and what you can expect and answer any questions you may have.

Navigating a new country, new school and a new language is an overwhelming task for anyone, but especially for children. The EAL classrooms provide a safe space for language learners during lunch breaks. If they need a break from white noise of English language, want some homework help, want a quiet place to eat their lunch or just want to come and say hello they know where to go. Although lunch club starts out as a safe space, later in the year it also provides a place for speaking practice and language based games to take place with peers.

Research shows the importance of maintaining and developing one’s mother tongue. In a school such as ours, it is a need of many and we encourage the development of English without losing the focus of ones’ mother tongue.