Rising 3s

Is your child 2 years old turning 3?

With a curriculum specifically tailored to children who begin their school journey at 2 years old, in an age appropriate classroom. Our Rising 3s class is based within the Foundation Stage on our main campus, meaning they benefit from the full range of school facilities and learning experiences, whilst still being in an age appropriate setting. 

Rising 3s Parent Testimonial

"With having two other older children at GEMS Metropole already, Rising 3’s was a blessing for my 3rd child. Since Reém has started school, her confidence and social skills have immensely increased. She has an amazing bond with her teacher and fellow peers.

Everyday, she comes home with something new she has learnt through role play, singing and fun led activities. With all that, she has also learnt to follow routines and instructions. She is happy, confident and eager to go to school every morning. The Rising 3’s class is a great transition to FS1, Reém is already familiar with being in a school environment and therefore will happily start FS1 next September."

Zainab Malik

MTS Parent