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Our School

Our school provides a high standard, international education to students from all over the world. Our culturally diverse student-body influences our programme as we tailor the traditional English curriculum to meet the needs and expectations of the modern global student.

The modern global student lives in a world where information travels at the speed of light, and alongside individual cultures is an international culture where knowledge is shared and developed. And it is our goal to prepare the modern global student for the world they will work in … the world of tomorrow.

As a GEMS Education school, learning through innovation, growing by learning, pursuing excellence and global citizenship are at the heart of our teaching philosophy. And we encourage students to understand themselves, develop their identities and competencies, and take advantage of opportunities, as they grow to become lifelong learners in the quest for knowledge.

Welcome to our school, we hope you enjoy the journey … this is just the start!

GEMS Metropole comprises of four schools spread across one campus.

Infant School      Age 3 – 7

Junior School      Age 7 – 11

Prep School        Age 11 – 14

Senior School     Age 14 – 18 

The Infant School provides a curriculum enriched through play-based learning, whilst the Junior School focuses on students having a voice in their education. Prep School focuses on sports, performing arts and recreation for all students, where each student is encouraged to participate in a team activity and an individual discipline, building confident leaders who understand how to work in a team. The Senior School has a focus on academic and vocational achievement. Students are encouraged to carefully select the pathway which suits their natural learning disposition, as well as their aims for university.   


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