Important Information

For Parents

Parents and guardians should be at the heart of any child's education. While teachers are there at the front of the classroom, it's the family you come home to who provide an essential foundation for academic success. That's why we believe that parental involvement in school is so important.

School Student Timings: (in line with 4.5 day week):

Foundation Stage FS1 / FS2


Monday – Thursday:   

Gates Open: 07:25am for drop off

Classes Start: 07:45am (promptly)

School Finishes: 13:00pm (Gates open 12:45pm for pickup) 


Primary and Secondary Year 1 to Year 13


Monday – Thursday

Gates Open: 07:25am (for drop off)

Classes Start: 07:45am 

School finishes: 15:05pm 


Friday - All sections from FS1 to Year 13:

Gates Open:  07:25am 

Classes Start:  07:45am 

School finishes:  12:00pm 


School Staff Timings: (in line with 4.5 day week):

Monday – Thursday:  7.30am – 16:00pm

Friday: 7.30am – 12.00pm