High Performance Institute

The High Performance Institute (HPI) is a facility like no other in schools across Dubai and the UAE. The facility is fully sponsored by Under Armour, who are providing the advanced technology in apparel to ensure the Mustangs perform at their best.

Included in the HPI:

  • Full time dedicated Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Nutritionist

  • State of the art functional fitness space – used for strength and conditioning and mixed martial arts

  • State of the art Sports Nutrition Lab

  • Dedicated learning space for well-being, sports psychology and video analysis

  • Shake On The Way – Sports Protein Dispenser

  • Individual Athlete Plans (for our elite performers)

  • VEO video analysis technology

  • VALD Sports Science testing equipment (Light Gates & Power Mat)

  • TeamBuilder integrated strength and conditioning software

  • Lumi Ice Baths

  • FITT Meals for Mustangs

  • Hydote Sports Hydration

  • Rebrand of the HPI – due to sponsorship its now known as the Under Armour High Performance Institute

  • All U19 Mustang Sport is now sponsored by Under Armour – students training kits will be provided at a small cost (for branding)

  • U19 Mustang Boys Football now part of the marketing strategy for Under Armour MENA – to be revealed at Sports Awards on Tuesday 4th June

  • GEMS Metropole Motor City to be the first school in MENA to be partnered with Under Armour to support high performance

  • Under Armour High Performance Institute now has a dedicated learning space for nutrition theory, match analysis, mental skills preparation and well-being

  • Mustangs will have the opportunity to meet Under Armour sponsored athletes

  • High Performance Athletes at the school will now be placed onto an Individual Athlete Plan and have weekly S&C and Nutritional support from staff

  • Installation of VALD Sports Science equipment to track anatomical data and provide elite level feedback for our strongest performers

  • All active school students will have the opportunity to be involved in martial arts in September 2024 in the HPI as part of their core PE curriculum offer (either in Karate, BJJ or Boxing) with specialists

  • All active school students will undertake S&C and sports nutrition as part of their core PE curriculum offer

  • All secondary Mustangs will receive a summer S&C plan and sports nutrition plan

  • All U19 Mustang Sport students will have access to USA/Canada Scholarship route via First Point USA

  • U19 Mustang Boys and Girls Football to be incorporated into the Mustang Pro Academy and receive extra training and wider support to ensure competitiveness at DASSA level

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