Why Our Students Enjoy Metropole?


At GEMS Metropole, we strive to create an environment where every child loves coming to school, feels secure in their friendships, and is excited to learn. We strongly believe that we achieve the perfect balance between work and play, ensuring a holistic education that nurtures all aspects of a child's development.

Infant School (FS - Year 2): Forest school for our youngest learners, the Forest School offers a distinctive approach to learning that immerses children in nature and outdoor activities. This nurturing environment promotes holistic development, fostering a love for nature and raising environmental awareness. Through exploration and hands-on experiences, children develop a strong foundation that supports their future learning journeys.

Junior School (Years 3-6): Our Values school focuses on instilling core values in students, emphasizing character development alongside academic achievement. This stage prepares students to be responsible, empathetic, and ethical individuals. By integrating these essential values into their daily lives, students learn to navigate challenges with integrity and compassion.

Prep School (Years 7-9): Active school offers a unique blend of academic and comprehensive sports education, emphasizing physical activity and teamwork. This program promotes a healthy lifestyle and athletic excellence, encouraging students to build grit and resilience. Opportunities to join the Mustangs school squads allow students to showcase their sporty skill and teamwork abilities, enhancing their overall school experience.

Senior School (Years 10-13): Future school provides a robust combination of iGCSE, A-Level, and vocational qualifications, designed to equip students with both academic prowess and practical skills necessary for future success. This school stands out for its comprehensive and balanced approach, blending academic rigor with practical skills training. This dual focus ensures that students are well-prepared for higher education and the workforce, making them adaptable and competitive in an ever-changing global landscape.

At GEMS Metropole School, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where students can explore, experience, establish, and embrace their full potential. Our commitment to holistic education ensures that every child receives the support and guidance they need to grow in all aspects of their lives.

But don't just take our word for it—here's a selection of comments from our students, sharing why they enjoy being part of the GEMS Metropole community:







Student Testimonials

  • “The best bit about going to school is that I have made great friends. My teacher helps and pushes me to do my best”

    Arthur Foster

    Age 8

  • "The school is very supportive and presents many opportunities for students to learn and grow."

    Neha Newalkar

    Grade 10A

  • "I like like GEMS Metropole because they make sure that I am challenged enough and that I get enough time to play with my friends."

    Niti Newalkar

    Grade 5E

  • "I love to do my work and my teacher always challenges me."

    Yezan Kotani

    Grade 1H

  • "I love GEMS Metropole School because they have a big football pitch and I enjoy playing football there almost everyday."

    Hassan Elgendy

    Grade 5G

  • "I've been in more than 5 schools in the UAE, and Metropole is the best yet. I'm in year 9, and I love the option trial system created for us. This way we get to choose 3 different GCSE options each term, so we can experience a variety of subjects. I've taken subjects like psychology and computer science, and enjoyed both of them."

    Avantika Sood

    Grade 9D

  • “I like school because I am happy”

    Poppy Foster

    Age 3

  • "MTS raised me up when I most needed. This is why MTS is a family; it has heart."

    Eva Serova

    Grade 11-B

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