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High Performance Learning

World Class Learners at GEMS Metropole


GEMS Metropole School is on a very exciting journey to World-class! Students at Metropole develop the language and skills to help them explain the current stage of their learning and the next steps they need to take to improve and deepen their understanding.  The High Performance Learning approach recognises that all learners have the potential to achieve the very highest results and develops the attitudes and performance characteristics required for this to happen.

High Performance Learning (HPL) is based around a framework that include 30 generic characteristics that students need to develop to be high performing learners. These are based around, ‘How we think’ and ‘How we behave’.

Working collaboratively with outstanding schools both here in Dubai and across the world, we will embed the strategies of High Performance Learning throughout our curriculum and across the wider school.

We truly believe that all children can be high performance learners and we strive for all our students to have a performance mind-set and reach their potential and beyond!


High Performance LearningWhat is HPL?

In 2010, Professor Deborah Eyre published a policy paper for the independent Think Tank Policy Exchange, in which she suggested that evidence from neuro-science and psychology demonstrated conclusively that the brain is exquisitely plastic and we can grow our intelligence. She challenged the system to stop categorising students by ability and instead expect high performance from everyone and systematically build towards it. Rather than a system which focuses on early detection of signs of failure, with pupils guided immediately into less demanding work, the system should be structured to provide the conditions that generate high performance and pupils steered towards this objective. She called this approach High Performance Learning and created a framework based on her lifetime's academic research on cognition. It identifies attributes, values and practices that can be developed in schools to enable more students to achieve highly to help schools make the philosophy a reality.