At GEMS Metropole learners are enouraged to lead their own learning with teachers facilitating the process. Through this approach, learners will be provided with a range of learning opportunities that focus on the High Performance Learning Skills of Meta-thinking, Linking, Analysing, Creating and Realising and the High Performance Behaviours of Empathy, Agilty and Hard work.


Connecting Our Learning To The World Around Us

We routinely provide students with learning in a real life context. Our Forest School in the Infants School enables us to meet learning objectives in an outdoor setting. “Forest School is known to improve a young person’s pedagogical development, their life skills and self-confidence.” Archimedes Forest School. Throughout the school students are provided with opportunities to develop social and leadership skills through teamwork, performing and problem solving activities.


Our Quest for KnowledgeLearning DP

At GEMS Metropole, we all believe innovation plays a crucial part in driving up the quality of teaching to even higher levels. The willingness to share and learn from each other is tangible and a key feature of our school. A visitor walking around would notice that classroom doors are open and that colleagues regularly take the opportunity to observe each other to learn best practice and reflect on their own pedagogy.


The Very Highest Expectations

At Metropole, students are not expected to ‘feel the pressure’ to achieve, they achieve because they love learning. It is the fascination of the subject that is key and not a grade! Teachers and students in all year groups explore topics together around the central question of ‘WHY’ and timely intervention is used to ensure each child develops a deep understanding of their learning, so students enjoy a consistent approach.


The Importance of Literacy And Numeracy

Where activities allow, numeric understanding is also developed across the age range and there is a common language around the teaching of literacy and numeracy that students enjoy at Metropole school. Literacy and numeracy are essential and help students to access deeper learning. Literacy is central to every lesson and teachers and assistants develop literacy at every opportunity.

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