ThinkBusiness Young Entrepreneurs Group


Introducing the ThinkBusiness Young Entrepreneurs Group

Welcome to the ThinkBusiness Young Entrepreneurs Group, an exciting initiative under the ThinkBusiness Centre at GEMS Metropole School. Designed to nurture the most enterprising students, this program provides unparalleled facilities and support to help young entrepreneurs thrive.

About ThinkBusiness

The ThinkBusiness Centre is the first of its kind, offering functional skills training that many industries demand but are rarely offered in schools. Our aim is to bridge the skills gap and prepare students for the business and enterprise world, providing them with the tools and experiences needed to succeed.

Services and Facilities

Director of Enterprise and Employability - Students will receive regular support from our Director of Enterprise and Employability, who will:

  • Coach students about business skills: Gain insights into essential business practices.
  • Organise skills-based workshops and guest speakers: Learn from industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs.
  • Provide hands-on experience: Operate the Farm Shop in school, giving students practical business management experience.
  • Deliver practical workshops for the students to develop business plans, P&L sheets etc.

Co-Working Space

Our co-working space is open to young entrepreneurs before school, during breaks, and after school. This space is ideal for:

  • Running business operations: Manage your business in a professional environment when not at home. The entrepreneurs will operate their core business function from home, but will be able to use the co-working space when required.
  • Holding meetings: Collaborate and network with peers.
  • Working on products or services: Develop and refine your business ideas.

Seed Funding Opportunities

Inspired by the enterprising spirit of Adam Burfield, the ThinkBusiness Centre at GEMS Metropole School offers unique opportunities for students to secure seed funding, in addition to the prestigious Adam Burfield Enterprise Award. This initiative is designed to support and encourage young entrepreneurs in their business ventures.

Funding is available through:

  • 1Hub Business Networking Group
  • Farm Shop profits
  • Other school-based and external initiatives
  • Corporate sponsorships

Students can pitch for funding in a Dragon's Den-style format each term. If their business is profitable, a percentage of the profits will be reinvested into the seed funding pot for future entrepreneurs. This cycle of investment and reinvestment ensures a sustainable model of support for aspiring young business leaders.

Join the ThinkBusiness Young Entrepreneurs Group

Are you a Senior school student with an enterprising spirit, dedication, and a strong business concept? Apply to join the ThinkBusiness Young Entrepreneurs Group by clicking the link below. Please note that spaces are limited to 20 students per year, so early application is encouraged.


[Apply for ThinkBusiness]


Why ThinkBusiness?

These services are not typically offered in schools but are essential for developing the skills that many industries require. ThinkBusiness aims to prepare students for the real world of business and enterprise, providing them with a competitive edge and practical experience.

We are excited to support our students in their entrepreneurial journeys and look forward to seeing the innovative ideas that will emerge from the ThinkBusiness Young Entrepreneurs Group. Join us and take the first step towards a successful future in business!

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