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Technical skills

At GEMS Metropole School, our commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education is at the heart of our mission to equip young people with the technical and vocational skills necessary for the future. We integrate STEM across our curriculum to ensure that students develop a strong foundation in these critical areas. This approach not only enhances their understanding of the world but also fosters a hands-on learning environment where students are encouraged to explore, experiment, and innovate. By engaging in a variety of STEM activities and projects, our students cultivate a strong mind for enquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving. This prepares them to excel in a rapidly changing technological landscape and positions them for success in a wide range of industries.

Moreover, our STEM programs are designed to provide practical, real-world experiences that go beyond traditional classroom learning. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and resources, allowing them to work on projects that mirror real-life challenges and industry standards. From robotics and coding to engineering design and scientific research, our students are exposed to a broad spectrum of technical skills and applications. This experiential learning not only builds their confidence and competence but also helps them to identify their passions and career interests. By fostering these skills early on, GEMS Metropole School ensures that our students are well-prepared for future roles in industry, equipped with the knowledge and experience to thrive in their chosen fields.

At GEMS Metropole School, we are committed to equipping our students with a diverse range of technical skills that prepare them for the future. From essential certifications in first aid and food hygiene to advanced qualifications like BTEC Level 2 and Level 3, our curriculum is designed to provide students with hands-on learning experiences that are directly applicable to various industries and employment sectors.


Hands-On Learning and Technical Skills

Our school places a significant focus on practical learning and technical skills development. We believe that these skills are crucial for success in fields such as sciences, engineering, construction, and technology. Through our comprehensive programs, students gain the knowledge and experience needed to excel in their chosen careers.

Senior School BTEC Courses

We are proud to offer a range of BTEC courses at both Level 2 and Level 3. These specialist career-related qualifications combine practical learning with theoretical content, providing a balanced and comprehensive education. BTECs at GEMS Metropole can be studied alongside or instead of GCSEs and A-Levels, offering flexibility to our students.

Key Components of BTEC Courses:

  • Core Units: Provide a broad foundation and understanding of the sector.
  • Optional Units: Allow students to focus on specific interests and career plans.
  • Assignments: Include both written and activity-based tasks, such as creating a film clip, planning and carrying out experiments, or developing a business plan.
  • Work Experience: Some BTEC courses include practical work experience opportunities. Work experience is an expectation in Key Stage four, students undertake a week of work experience in the summer term.

What is BTEC Level 2?

Equivalent to a GCSE, BTEC Level 2 courses offer an introduction to working in a vocational sector. These qualifications can be combined with other studies to pave the way for further education or employment.

BTEC Level 2 Courses Offered:

What is BTEC Level 3?

Equivalent to A Levels, BTEC Level 3 courses are highly regarded by universities, further education colleges, and employers. These qualifications can lead to direct employment, further study, or professional development programs.

BTEC Level 3 Courses Offered:

At GEMS Metropole School, our dedication to hands-on learning and technical skills ensures that our students are well-prepared for the demands of the modern workforce. We invite you to explore the opportunities available through our diverse range of programs and join us in our commitment to educational excellence.