Discover curiosity. Discover change. Discover confidence.

At GEMS Metropole we provide a purposeful curriculum which ignites curiosity and a passion for learning. Students develop their social conscience through gaining a greater understanding of how they can impact change in the wider world. Utilising the National Curriculum for England, we develop world class learners and leaders to prepare them for opportunities beyond GEMS Metropole School.

Through implementing a purposeful approach to learning, the belief is that our students lead positive change through their social conscience for future learners and generations to come. The curriculum design is broad and balanced and progressively builds on skills, knowledge and conceptual understanding year on year.  Each subject has a very clear and progressive range of knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding that are built on each year. In addition to this, High Performance Learning skills and attributes are embedded into lessons as a way of creating advanced learners. The fully inclusive curriculum enables all students, including those with disabilities and additional needs, to access the learning and achieve. The curriculum gives students real opportunities beyond the classrooms to apply their learning in a range of situations. To know more about our curriculums, click the below buttons.