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GEMS Metropole School offers scholarships to recognise excellence and potential of excellence. Recipients are required to show strong and ongoing contribution to the life of the school in their particular field, to work hard and to set a good example. The awarding of a scholarship requires good conduct and achievement in the school. The candidates will benefit from a concession off their annual school fees. The scholarships will be awarded for a single academic year and awardees will be required to apply for renewal annually. In some instances, the school will recognise student performance and award the scholarship without the student applying.


Types of Scholarships

We offer the following scholarships for students in our school. Scholarships may be awarded for high achieving students who show excellence, or for those who show outstanding potential and/or performance in one or more of these areas:

  • Academic and vocational achievement/performance (Senior School)
  • Sports (Prep School)
  • Quran recitation (Junior, Prep and Senior Schools)
  • Arabic writing (Junior, Prep and Senior Schools)
  • Leadership (Junior and Prep Schools)
  • Student voice (Junior and Prep Schools)
  • Innovation EXPO (Junior and Prep Schools)

Academic Scholarships

At GEMS Metropole School we strive for academic excellence for all of our students and hence we will support success in academia through a scholarship system. Only applications which fulfill the scholarship criteria will be considered. The criteria for consideration are as follows:

Specific eligibility criteria for academic scholarships

  • Applicants should be in the Senior School
  • They must be currently enrolled in GEMS Metropole School 
  • CAT4 assessment in the top 5% of their respective year group
  • Needs to be actively engaged in an enrichment programme e.g. Duke of Edinburgh, IPQ or equivalent 
  • Have received external results (GCSEs/iBTEC) in the top 10% of a particular cohort or predicted within the top 10% for external examinations (GCSE, A Levels, iBTEC)
  • Consistently contributing towards learning and growth in lessons
  • Have achieved academic accreditation for a particular academic discipline at a country/regional/city level e.g. winning a national/international debating award, a national/international S.T.E.A.M competition 
  • Represented the school in academia in at least two subjects 
  • Have had experience of contributing positively to the whole school community through various leadership initiatives
  • Must not be having another scholarship from any other organisation within UAE or outside UAE

*Applicants must meet most if not all of the above criteria to be considered


Sports Scholarships

We are currently reviewing this scholarship – updates coming soon. If you have any queries please get in touch with Mike Lowery – Director of Sport [email protected]


Quran Scholarships 

GEMS Metropole School nurtures culture and heritage linked to United Arab Emirates traditions, values, language and religion. The annual School Quran competition will assess students in recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran to award scholarships

  • Applicants must in the Junior, Prep and Senior Schools
  • Students demonstrate at least one juz of memorization within the academic year to be considered for first prize
  • Students demonstrate one long surah memorization within the academic year to be considered for second prize
  • Students entering the recitation competition must meet 90% of this set recitation rules to be considered for first and second prize
  • Annual Quran competition must be entered in January each year through the Islamic department 


Arabic Writing Scholarships 

GEMS Metropole School nurtures culture and heritage linked to United Arab Emirates traditions, values, language and religion. The annual School Creative writing competition  will assess students in creative writing skills to award scholarships.

  • Applicants must in the Junior, Prep and Senior Schools
  • Students should  submit their writing tasks under the appropriate age and year level standards
  • Students entering the competition must meet 90% of their year level criteria and MOE standards of creative writing 


Leadership Scholarships 

At GEMS Metropole School we provide all students with the opportunity to Discover Leadership.  We believe that student leadership develops confidence, resilience and responsibility.  Through a wide-ranging leadership programme, our students are becoming creative thinkers, problem solvers and more effective communicators, which is an integral part of lifelong learning. Student Leadership is visible in all aspects of Metropole life.  It is embedded within our curriculum and there are many opportunities to develop personal leadership skills within our broad master-class enrichment programme. We have student leaders across all phases of the school, representing key areas such as: Health and Wellbeing, Eco, Sport, High Performance Learning, Core Subjects (English, Maths, Science, Arabic), Digital Learning, Global Ambassadors, and the Student Council. 

  • Applicants should be in the Junior and Prep Schools
  • Must currently be enrolled in GEMS Metropole School 
  • Must hold an official Student Leadership position at GEMS Metropole School 
  • Demonstrates dedication towards their leadership role
  • Demonstrates the schools' Core Values 
  • Sets challenging Personal Goals and actively seeks feedback towards achieving these goals 
  • Actively engage in additional Leadership opportunities i.e Masterclass activities, whole school events
  • Is a role model for their peers and encourages others to participate in student leadership and student voice initiatives 
  • Demonstrate excellent public speaking skills when sharing messages with an audience 
  • Has had experience of contributing positively to the whole school community through leadership 


Student Voice Scholarships

At GEMS Metropole School, we showcase the prevailing talents of the students that we teach. The introduction of MTS Talks allows students the opportunity to speak avidly about topics they are passionate about to inspire the audience. MTS Talks is based on a TedTalks theme, where every student in the Junior and Prep schools are given the opportunity to present an independent research project orally to an audience. The two-minute, learnt presentations are judged by the class teacher on quality of research, quality of presentation and timing. The finalists of these rounds will then go through to the semi-finals with other students in their year group. The one selected winner from each year group will then go through to the final round. The successful students will receive a scholarship. To enter the competition, students must have met the following criteria: 

  • Students should be in the Junior or Prep School
  • Students must be currently enrolled in GEMS Metropole School
  • Students need to have taken part in the class and year group finals
  • Students must perform the speech off by heart 
  • Students must perform their speech in front of an audience
  • Student's speech must be within 10% of the 2-minute time expectation 
  • Students should impart knowledge and inspire the audience through their speech
  • Students should read aloud with intonation, fluency and volume

To be successful for the scholarship, students should receive the majority of the vote from the voting audience.


Innovation EXPO 

Innovation is the practical implementations of ideas. The innovation process is about having a great idea, executing it brilliantly, and communicated it in a way that is both intuitive and fully celebrates the magic of the initial concept.

Here at MTS we want to encourage students to think of ways to better our world and visualize the future through our Innovation Scholarship. We want to harness the great minds and encourage forward thinking, excellence and an enthusiasm for opportunity.

  • Applicants should be in the Junior, Prep and Senior Schools
  • Must take part in and complete the Innovation X Project
  • Must be selected to take part in the GEMS Global Innovation Challenge 
  • Demonstrates a high level of innovative ideas and enthusiasm


How to Apply for a Scholarship

In order to proceed with the application process candidates must follow the process below:

  1. Completed GEMS Scholarship Application Form.
  2. Copies of child's previous 2 years' school reports.
  3. Any supporting documentation, such as recommendation letter, copied of awards / certificates received, portfolio of results, press clippings and/or video evidence.
  4. Must not be having another scholarship from any other organisation within UAE or outside UAE
  5. Please submit the completed Scholarship Application Form along with the required supplementary documentation to substantiate your application to the Secondary Headteacher at: Daniella Aschettino [email protected]

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