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In Metropole, we have always prided ourselves on our students' highlights. We appreciate and admire what they do every day, and we want to continue to show them that what they do to succeed really matters.

Top Academic Achievers

  • Omar Shendy - 2018/2019 GCSE Top Achiever in the UAE in Chemistry

    Omar Shendy, top GCSE achiever in Chemistry across UAE has something to tell us about his journey in GEMS Metropole while doing his best to achieve high scores resulting to being ranked Top in UAE.


    Omar has been at GEMS Metropole for four years. “I had a short hiatus at another school briefly for one term but I chose to come back.”

    He explains that Chemistry was always fun for him, but believes the work environment in the classroom is what pushed him to achieve his full potential. “Science at GEMS Metropole was very enjoyable and that's what made me pursue high grades.”

    Omar remembers the impact the teachers and his fellow students had on his learning. “The teachers were always available, they were always around if you needed anything in terms of material or support. They would always devote their time for you. Even the students would help a lot. I had many online resources provided by the school and many physical resources lying around the classrooms.

    Omar has taken his studies seriously and understands the importance of collaborative learning and a growth mindset to achieve his full potential. “I was never top of the class, we didn't compete, there was no ranking system. Everyone just tried to be the best  they could. But I would say I was doing pretty well.”

    As a top achiever, Omar understands that good grades do not come easily. He has had to become a dedicated student and take his studies seriously. For those students following in his footsteps Omar’s advice is to, “make sure you start early. If you're preparing, prepare as soon as possible and don't stop."

    As one of a group of students who achieved highly at GEMS Metropole Omar is proud of his peers. “It's great to see my colleagues achieve such great things and it really shows me that, my colleagues work very hard, of course, but the school has got to be doing pretty well.“

    GEMS Metropole fosters a very welcoming atmosphere that enriches the students with knowledge. It motivates everyone to show their true colours and bring out the best in themselves.” We are extremely proud of Omar and his GCSE success and look forward to watching his talents grow.


  • Shanessa Fernandes - 2018/2019 GCSE World Top Achiever in English Literature

    Shanessa Fernandes - GEMS Metropole 2018/2019 GCSE World top achiever in English Literature

    Shanessa is one of the world’s top GCSE achievers and has been at GEMS Metropole since the first day it opened in 2014.

    Shanessa has always found English to be an interesting subject and at times associates it as a kind of sanctuary from other classes. Her love of books, in particular, has inspired her writing and made classes more enjoyable. 

    Shaneesa worked hard to achieve her full potential with the support of her teachers. “I enjoyed my classes these past 2 years. I had a good idea of what topics interested me and my teachers were supportive of my choices & guided me as needed along the way."

    Shaneesa shared her secret to success and admitted that it wasn’t always plain sailing “I definitely wasn’t at the top of my class; in fact, I had been getting 5s and 6s in my mock exams. However, I stayed focused on putting in my best efforts. The results are a natural outcome of hard work. When I won the Sheikha Fatima Award a few years ago, I was sure that I was doing something right. But this was not the destination, no accolade ever is." 

    Proud to be a member of the GEMS Metropole community Shaneesa remarked on the growth mindset of her peers “I read somewhere that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time around. I am pretty sure our students believe in the growth mindset and will keep on putting in their best efforts. Overall, it's amazing to be a part of such a community and to watch my school grow over the years to the esteemed establishment it is today. I think MTS was successful for the quality of the education it delivers as well as the dedication of its faculty and student body. I could not have expected such an achievement in any other school."

    English is her passion and she proved that working hard while settling in an encouraging and supportive environment makes your dreams come true. Her advice to students who wish to achieve their full potential is clear “Work hard, the rest will follow.“

    Shaneesa’s positive attitude towards learning inspires us all “It’s honestly hard to wrap my head around as I don’t see this achievement as anything special. Sure I am happy, but this will not stop me from continuing to put in my 100% in everything I do.” We look forward to following Shaneesa’s journey as she goes onto achieve more success in the future.


  • Can Ozturk - 2018/2019 GCSE World Top Achiever in Physics

    Can who never thought he'd be rated as "Top in World" in GCSE Physics tells us the secret behind his achievement.

    Can has been a student at GEMS Metropole, since its conception. During his time at the school he has had the opportunity to develop a range of scientific skills and knowledge. The GCSE course promoted his understanding of the aspects of real life engineers and architects.

    Can has always had an interest in science and physics and has done well at school, however he recognizes that determination and a good work ethic was crucial to his success. “I believed in myself and walked into the exam room with confidence.” He continues to talk about exam stress and the importance of keeping focused and not worrying. He thanks his friends, family and teachers for the incredible ongoing support he has received from them.

    Can is now studying for his A levels at GEMS Metropole. We can't be more proud of Can who proved that hard work is always rewarding.


Sports Success

  • Belal Isaac - Talented International Athlete

    Belal Isaac is a very talented athlete who started playing different kinds of sports like football, karate, running and swimming.

    At the age of 10 he decided to be a professional swimmer when he got the chance to meet an amazing role model Chad le Clos and started training professionally.

    Belal takes part in many international camps to prepare for international competitions. He has taken part in competitions in Greece, Russia, France and Oman. In addition to that, he has been extremely successful in a number of national competitions including 1st EMIRATES CUP, Middle East Championship, Speedo Invitational, Super Sports Mina Mile, Kalba Open Water Competition, DASSA swimming, cross-country and athletics. He also represented Metropole in the World School Games which presented schools from 3 different continents (Asia, Africa and Europe) and through which Belal won many medals for achieving first or second place.

    Last year, he has been one of the finalists at the UAE TEENS AWARD U15 swimmers.

    Belal is highly dedicated to his sports passion and takes both training and competing very seriously. He also demonstrates a very good understanding of what he needs to improve.

  • Oliver Baillie - Mountain Bike Racer

    Oliver Baillie 10 years old from the UK, races cross country mountain bikes for the Cyclehub Arla Protein team. He is also the promotional rider for the World Series Hero mountain bike races sponsored by Xdubai and Meraas.

    When Oliver first came to the UAE his dad was racing road and mountain bikes. He has been racing since he was 12 and now also organises races and so he joined him. His first race was in Jebel Jais quarry in RAK and he was only 4 years old.

    Since then Oliver has won a place on the Cycle Hub team who now sponsor him because he had good results. It’s the best team out there in terms of the support you get and it’s his most local team. Oliver's most recent win was the Dubai Pulse Ride right here in Dubai.

    He has learnt that it is not just about winning, but winning is still important to him. Cycling has allowed Oliver to travel around the Middle East and he has made friends with people that share the same interest. He loves going down the mountains as it is so much fun as you can go at great speed. Oliver says that the hardest part is going up steep hills, but it makes you stronger and determined. 

    He wishes to follow in his dad’s footsteps and race all over the world. Oliver's ultimate dream, however, is to have a professional cycling career - maybe racing, maybe managing a team, maybe coaching- there are lots of different things in sports. He is still quite young but cross country is definitely his favourite style of racing. 

  • Nikita Manian - Outstanding Track Athlete

    Nikita B. Manian, aged 17 years, is an outstanding track athlete specializing in the 100m and 200m events. She has been competing in various elite-level events in the United Arab Emirates, India and

    overseas for the last six years. She has represented the UAE Cluster at the CBSE National Level held in Vadodara, India in December 2016. She has also represented Bangalore Urban district in the Karnataka State Junior Athletics Championship 2019 held at Upudi, India and stood 3rd place in the 200m event.

    In 2019, she represented the UAE in the World Youth Games held at Gothenburg, Sweden. She is currently training for the 2020 edition of the event to be held in July.

    Nikita was voted as 1st runner up at three of the U.A.E. TEEN AWARDS in the Outstanding Athlete (Girls) category. She has also won numerous accolades in all the schools that she has attended, including stand-out performance awards and sports scholarships. She holds Meet Records in various inter-school track meets such as DASSA, GEMS Sports Series and GEMS Our Own Dubai Meet.

    She is currently the fastest U-18 female sprinter in the UAE and Sports Captain at GEMS Metropole School, Dubai

    Nikita’s medium-long term goal is to sprint for India.

    Current Personal Best Timings:

    - 100M - 12.30s

    - 200M - 24.72s

  • Jemima Sullivan - All-Round Athlete

    When Jemima Sullivan first joined Metropole in 2017, she put herself forward for squad trials. She quickly became interested in all the sports that GEMS Metropole School offers. 

    Whilst representing the school in a competition, the Director of Physical Education recognised that Jemima displayed a real talent in athletics and suggested extra trainings in clubs specialised in athletics training and development. 

    She has won 18 medals since 2018 

    April 2018 - Gems Athletics Cup finals - 1st - Gold 200m 

    April 2018 - DAPSA finals - 2nd -Silver 150m 

    April 2018 - Jemima Won 3rd Place UAE Teen Sports & Fitness Awards 2018. U14 Athletics Track & Field 

    April 2019 - DAPSA finals 1st Gold 150m

    April 2019 - DAPSA finals 2nd Silver 80m

    World School Games 2019 - Jemima 3rd 150m 

    Sports Day - She won two years in a row

    Won at school

    • Year 5 female sports day champion
    • Year 5 Athlete of the year
    • Best Performer Year 6
    • Athlete of the season U11 Girls
  • Finlay Sullivan - Sprinting to Success

    Finlay Sullivan has been training extremely hard all year, he has probably accumulated more training hours this season that anyone else in his age group. He has recently been improving at an impressive pace especially in his sprints and his high jump, jumping an impressive height of 1.08m in the Sketchers Super Six competition. 


Incorporating Values at Metropole

  • Conor - Huge challenge of rowing 90km

    9th October 2020 – 2 friends and I, took on an exciting but daunting 90km rowing challenge to raise much needed funding for The Water Project. The funds we raised from this would help to provide access to clean, safe and reliable water across sub-Saharan Africa - one community at a time.

    When we discussed a challenge to try and raise some money for The Water Project, we decided to add our ages together and that gave us the 90km idea. (Our ages were 24/28 and 38.)

    We set out at 6am and began our rowing challenge. Our plan was simple, we aimed to maintain a 1min47second split per 500m which would mean it would take each of us roughly around 3mins40secs  to row 1000m, when we would change the rower and we would rotate like this for 90km. (On the changeover, we would aim to limit time wasted and this would leave us aiming for a target time of under 6 hours.)

    We completed our 90km row in just 5hours and 23minutes.

    It was an exhausting few hours but the sense of accomplishment and achievement was just brilliant, the latest amount raised when I checked was just under 14’000AED, which for 3 friends to sit down and do with only 10 day between idea and event, was something to be very proud of.

    The money raised will be well received by The Water Project and I can’t wait to see the difference it makes in some people’s lives!

  • Kenya Expedition

    In February 2020 students from GEMS Metropole School visited Kenya to help build a new school in Kenya. They worked hard throughout the entire expedition. They started by laying the floor for 

    the new school building as the old building had been deemed structurally unsafe.

    They also made part of an elephant deterrent fence which was harder than it sounds and looks. This helped the local community keep their valuable crops free from hungry animals.

    De-worming the goats was a hit with the students and they enjoyed goat snuggles afterwards. They were very pleased with themselves as the students managed to beat their target of 100 and de-wormed 122 goats! This was a great help to so many of the local farmers and an amazing opportunity for the students to give back to a global initiative.

  • Mila - A Charitable Birthday Party

    While most children look forward to receiving gifts on their birthday, one young GEMS Metropole student decided she wanted to visit an orphanage or hospital instead to make other children happy. 

    GEMS Metropole student Mila aged 7 was first inspired to "make some children happy," after a conversation with her mum about the cost of birthday parties and how people are in need in the world.

    Having recently celebrated her birthday, Mila decided to find children who needed a friend instead of having a birthday party. The little girl's charitable endeavours not only impressed us at GEMS Metropole, but also her parents. Rama said: "I was really surprised and proud of Mila when she asked to celebrate with the orphans on her birthday and I think actions like these to come from a 7 year old shows that kids can still be thoughtful and not only think of toys and cakes on their birthday.”

    As part of the GEMS Jewels of Kindness Initiative, which recognises students for their acts of kindness, Mila has been and will continue to be supported by her teachers and everyone and GEMS Metropole to turn her dreams into reality. Mila’s mum continues to work with us to support her daughter’s ideas to benefit those in need “It was amazing how you guys responded to this and I am so happy that you are taking it really seriously as we need to spread more news like this”

    While this was a first for the seven-year-old girl, it probably won't be the last as she is already thinking about sorting through her clothes and toys to give to a charity.

    Mila hopes to visit the Al Jalila hospital in the very near future to continue her charitable work.

  • Kevin - Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

    Kevin, a keen sports person and caring teacher, decided to use his abilities and his time to support others who are in need. 

    Kevin has been a teacher at GEMS Metropole since September 2016. In Summer 2019 he was part of a group of people to take on the challenge of Africa's tallest mountain to raise funds and awareness for a UK based charity who supports victims and families of those who suffer from brain tumors.

    Mount Kilimanjaro stands at 5800 meters in height. It took the team 7 days to reach the summit and another day day and a half to descend. The daily routine began at around 6am when the team got up to have breakfast before beginning their slow walk. The temperature and altitude all added to the difficulty and the hikers had to ensure to have enough clothes, water and food to keep their energy levels. Each day the team hiked all morning before stopping for lunch and chat with their guides before the began once again walking in the afternoon. When they arrived at camp they would wash from a basin of water to clear off the dust from the day before sitting down in the mess tent for dinner. Nights were cold and climbers slept in wrapped up in their sleeping bags in their tents with plenty more clothes on including a hat in order to try and keep warm. With the altitude and the cold it was often difficult to get any sleep but the rest was well needed before the next days walking.

    All 12 of the group managed to summit but the biggest achievement was the fantastic amount of money that was raised to support families of those affected by brain tumors. 

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