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Why Metropole?


GEMS Metropole School is a supportive and caring community. It is easily accessible to parents from nearby communities with over 100 nationalities in the school. Every teacher, Learning Support Assistant and member of the admin and premises team, act as role models in order for children to achieve the highest standards. Alongside our dedicated staff, are our community of parents and carers who come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. We strive to work closely with parents as we know when school and home work together, their children achieve their very best. We hold many events and sessions throughout the year where parents are invited into school.


Why Choose Metropole?



  • parent-council-

    Parent Council

    A body of 15 parents which represents all the parents and caregivers of the children at Metropole.

  • celebration

    Celebrations & Special Events

    We encourage students to embrace other cultures just like they do with their own.

  • heroes

    Metropole Heroes

    We want to continue to show our students that what they do to succeed really matters

Parent Testimonials

  • Esteemed Principal and parents body,

    This is to extend my sincere gratitude to all of the MTS teachers for their enormous effort with our children. Their commitment to their education throughout a very difficult time on all human race. We are so impressed at the level of education MTS teachers are providing since we are looking at that from a close quarter as they are home. The degree of multitasking, resourcefulness,  independence, keenness, control on multiple sources of information our kids are able to exhibit. Key skills they are able to demonstrate due to the effort of our valued teachers in all subjects. Word to thank the sagacious and well rounded impact of your leadership during this stage. The clear communication we receive, the gentleness and serenity, professionalism and precision of all instruction. MTS in it's more challenging time is now providing superior education and proves more than any recorded time its ability to prosper by keeping students on track.

    I'm quite impressed and happy as a parent indeed and proud to have been in this team.

    MTS Parent

    MTS Parent

  • My child is very happy at school and looks forward to it every day. He likes his teacher very much and has made many friends


    Yan Wang

    Parent of Yiming Zhong, FS 1

  • My daughter and I are very happy at MTS. I am made aware of her progress at school and she has made many friends


    Anna Tornqvist

    Parent of Sigrid Caballero Tornqvist, FS 2

  • Providing education to my child is one thing, choosing the right school to do it is another. I chose GEMS Metropole


    Numeriano Jr Mendoza Nunga

    Parent of Ethan Nunga, FS 2

  • MTS is a happy environment where me and my kids always feel supported. Being a school with an Academic focus has never taken away the love that’s in the air. MTS is our family


    Mayerling Gonzalez

    Parent of Victoria Rondon, Year 4

  • MTS has proved to be a valuable partner in delivering quality education to our children. We have pride and appreciation for MTS, where they learn invaluable lessons that will stay with them forever


    Dany Korjian

    Parent of Gaelle Korjian, Year 7

  • Our journey began with MTS 5 years ago and is still going strong with the best teachers and outstanding school leadership


    Dina Osman

    Parent of Dwana Umer, Year 10

  • The atmosphere at MTS is very friendly, healthy and safe for all: children, teachers and parents. The school staff understand that each student is unique and they teach them how to achieve success


    Olena Vasylivna Golovko

    Parent of Kateryna Golovko

More Reasons To Choose MTS

  • Private, Affordable Education

    We pride ourselves in offering a British Curriculum and an enjoyable student experience at an affordable cost with flat fees from Year 7 to Year 13. We offer premium facilities so that children develop in both academic and non-academic aspects of school life.

  • Academics

    A* - C grades are above the UK average (75% compared to 67%)

    Post 16 course options including academic and vocational pathways

    Many of our students go on to top universities around the world such asUniversity of St. Andrews, UK; University of Exeter, UK and University of Loughborough, UK.

  • The Importance of the 5C’s of Education

    As a school we aim to prepare children for their future careers. However, the future of today’s students is so unpredictable. Jobs we can’t even imagine are created every day. Employers require creative and problem-solving skills and an ability to adapt to changes. That’s why our teachers foster the following skills below in the classroom.

    • Creativity
    • Collaboration
    • Critical thinking
    • Communication
    • Curiosity

    Click here to view our Values Policy


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