Amalia Boother

English as an Additional Language Specialist Teacher

I am Maya Boother, I am an EAL teacher in years 2,3 and 4. I have been working in education for nearly 20 years in a mixture of primary and secondary settings. I have got a Bachelor of Education in primary education, a Masters in educational family and I am a qualified EAL teacher. I have taught in different places around the world: Mexico, France, England, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, and each of these countries I feel I have learnt something new about my profession. I believe in fostering strong relationships with my students, creating an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect and encouraging risk taking in the context of learning. This is my second year in Metropole, I am married, and I have got 2 teenage children and 2 beautiful dogs. I love reading, writing, traveling, running and dancing; in fact, I am a Latin American dance teacher. Languages are my passion of mine; I can speak English and Spanish along with some French and Italian. My plan is to spend many happy years here in Dubai and in Metropole.