Joe Gannon

Joseph Gannon

Assistant Headteacher of Secondary

Joe Gannon is one of the Secondary Assistant Head Teachers at GEMS Metropole, where he plays a pivotal role in overseeing Rewards, Behaviour, Attendance, and PSHE (Personal, Health, and Social Education)in the Senior School, as well as whole-student wellbeing and the House system. With over 15 years of teaching experience and a background as a former Great Britain swimmer and Iron Man, Joe brings a unique blend of leadership, athleticism, and educational expertise to his role.

Originally from Salford in Greater Manchester, UK, Joe has been in Dubai for 6 years, dedicating himself to the Metropole community. He is married and a father to two girls, and has a keen interest in outdoor activities, sports, and Manchester United. Joe holds a BSc Hons degree in Sports Rehabilitation and boasts numerous qualifications in different sports. His leadership journey includes roles such as School Sports Coordinator, Head of Year, Head of Department (PE), and Deputy Head Teacher (Secondment), showcasing his commitment to shaping well-rounded global citizens.At the core of Joe's philosophy is the belief that pastoral support is as crucial as academic excellence in nurturing students. He advocates for a caring, honest, and positive environment where each student is valued and encouraged to exceed their own expectations. Known for his hard work and organizational skills, Joe always prioritizes the success and happiness of his students, striving to create a space where they feel supported and empowered.

Joe firmly believes that students should be at the forefront of every decision made by educators and leaders. He encourages questioning and challenging decisions that do not prioritize student progress and wellbeing, ensuring that the needs of the students are always paramount. Committed to using his experience and skills to support students and staff alike, Joe is a dedicated leader who is making a significant impact within the GEMS Metropole community.

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