English as an Additional Language at Metropole

Metropole school is a culturally linguistic and nationally diverse community. Having students from over 100 countries from a vast array of language groups, we recognize and embrace the fact that not all of our applicants have levels of English that will allow them to access the National Curriculum from day one, and we are here to help. 

It is of valuable input that our admissions team are informed of your child’s language barriers so to provide individualised language skills assessments conducted by our EAL specialists. These assessments inform us of your child’s strengths within the English language and also tells us the areas in need of development. The results form the basis of the Individualised Language Plans (ILPs) which are used by our team of educators to support your child’s English language acquisition skills and access the curriculum within our English language based school.

We run an Intensive English Program for students that are identified as having very limited English. Our intensive program aims to develop basic functional English vocabulary and increase speaking and social interaction confidence.

Once a student as met the required language skills within the Intensive program they progress to the Developed Program to further develop their language skills and work towards exiting the EAL language support program. Our team of educators monitor the students’ progress, social and emotional well-being during the time of acquiring language skills.

As our Inclusion Hub has an open door policy you will have opportunities to meet with the EAL specialists working with your child and will receive termly report updates on the progress within the EAL program.

For further information on how to enroll in this support program please feel free to contact the admissions team on [email protected]

Navigating a new country, new school and a new language is an overwhelming task for anyone, but especially for children. The EAL classrooms provide a safe space for language learners during lunch breaks providing opportunities for speaking practice and language-based games to take place with their peers on the same journey.

At Metropole we understand that for our parents it may also be overwhelming and so our Parent Language Representatives are available to support during the navigation process. For further information to be connected with a language representative or to get involved in the program to support other families, please feel free to contact our admissions team and our parent relations executive on [email protected] and [email protected]

For further enquiries regarding the EAL support program in Metropole, please contact Ms. Tracey Holliman on [email protected]

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