Conor Clarke

Teacher of PE & Head of Strength & Conditioning

My name is Mr. Clarke and I am currently in my 6th Year in GEMS MTS. 


I grew up in Omagh, Northern Ireland and graduated from St Mary’s University College Belfast in 2015 with a BEd Hons Degree in Primary Teaching with Physical Education. I spent the first 3 years of my career teaching in Northern Ireland and in 2018, I moved to Dubai to take up a teaching role here at GEMS Metropole. To date, I have taught PE for 5 years and been Head of Year for 3 years. In the upcoming academic year, I will be undertaking a new role within MTS and leading the Strength and Conditioning element of the High Performance Institute, focusing on the development of our Mustang Squads. 


My aim for this year within the HPI, is to integrate 3 pillars within all athlete programmes including injury prevention, improving overall athletic performance and developing an interest in the long-term athlete development within all students. This may sound like a challenge, but with the integration of these 3 pillars, I feel that with the correct nurturing and guidance, all students, primarily within our Mustang squads will be able to enhance their athletic capabilities and unlock their full, athletic potential. I am extremely excited to develop a fully educational, sports specific, periodized programme for our Mustangs which will ultimately encourage and enhance the long-term interest, giving them knowledge, skills and understanding to allow them to continue involvement within their chosen sports for life. 


If you would like to contact me, please send an email to [email protected]