Inclusion in MTS

Inclusive Education Action Team

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> Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework

> Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework - Arabic

> Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework Supplement

> GEMS Metropole Inclusion Policy

>  Law No. (2) of 2014
Concerning Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the Emirate of Dubai

undefinedAt GEMS Metropole we believe in the rights of People of Determination to be integrated into public and private school, Federal Law No.(29), (2006).  In addition we provide the best possible provision for students of all abilities and value the individuality, talents and gifts of all our students. GEMS Metropole teaches the National Curriculum of England and Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). However, to accommodate a personalised pathway we can incorporate elements from an additional curriculum from ASDAN.

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It is essential that we provide an environment in which students feel supported and cared for. We instill self confidence in accordance with the school’s ethos and give all students full access to all areas of learning through differentiating, adapting and modifying the curriculum.  Diversity is an asset and teachers will strive to ensure all students reach their full potential, irrespective of nationality, gender, religion, social class, culture, race, age or special educational need, for their self-fulfillment and their eventual development into active and responsible adults. 

The school is fully committed to further developing our inclusive ethos and fully embrace the following statement: 

‘Matters concerning admissions, participation and equity refers to the fact that students who experience SEND have the same right as all other students. This includes the right to be admitted to a preferred school where they are able to engaged and participate in quality learning experiences alongside same aged peers’.

— KHDA (2017)

The School Inclusion Team offers individualised assessment opportunities to cater for students with additional needs. These assessments inform the development of Individualised Education Plans (IEPs) which are written in partnership with the student, parents/guardians, teachers, any external therapy agencies and Learning Support Assistants. We take great pride in our positive working partnerships with external therapy agencies to ensure we are providing opportunities for students to generalize skills in different environments.

IEP reviews are on a termly basis and are supported through 1:1 sessions, in-class support and small group support. We work closely with the Counselling Team, the EAL Team and Small Steps Autism unit, based at GEMS Metropole. Students’ happiness and emotional wellbeing is essential for our students to make progress in all aspects of their lives and we are delighted to be recognized for our good work in Inclusion and parent partnerships in our KHDA report 2018.

  • This highly inclusive school is welcoming to all students.
  • A friendly atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation is evident across the school.
  • Partnerships with parents are very positive. They are regularly consulted and welcomed at the school. Parents greatly value the support, training and advice they receive from the special needs coordinator, unit specialists and teaching staff.
  • The school very successfully empowers parents to work as partners in their children's education.

We believe that extending support to the family helps our students make better progress. Therefore we host parent coffee mornings to encourage the sharing of experiences and inform parents on areas of interest they have requested, through our parent representative.