Pamela McCann

Head of Business Studies

I am Ms. McCann, serving as the Head of Business and Economics at Gems Metropole. Originally hailing from Co. Mayo, Ireland, I obtained my teaching qualification in Ireland 11 years ago. Prior to that, I spent 7 years employed in Retail Management positions for various multinational companies. Throughout my teaching career, I have had the privilege of working in diverse educational environments, including primary schools, universities, secondary schools, and special needs support units.


During my tenure at Gems Metropole spanning 7 years, I have witnessed and taken great pride in the remarkable growth the school has achieved. Within our department, we have expanded our offerings to encompass a wide array of subjects and pathways, catering to all students interested in studying business. Our department's driving force lies in the accomplishments of our students, both academically and personally. We are exceedingly proud of their achievements throughout the previous academic year.