Tahir Ali

Head of Visual Arts

I am Mr. Ali, entering my fifth year as the proud Head of Visual Arts at Gems Metropole. My educational journey includes a BA (HONS) degree in Graphic Design from the University of Hertfordshire and a PGCE in Art & Design from Roehampton University, UK. With 15 years in education, including a decade in London, I bring a wealth of experience. I've held diverse roles such as Teacher, Head of Art, Head of Year, and even served as a Princes Trust Advisor. Guiding students on their creative path is my passion, and I'm excited to continue nurturing artistic excellence at GEMS Metropole School.  


My teaching style revolves around a pedagogical philosophy that emphasizes a hands-on and enthusiastic approach. I strive to create a learning environment where empathy, mutual support, and inclusivity for all pupils thrive. My goal is to educate, encourage, and inspire young individuals to channel their talents and abilities towards achieving success in life. Witnessing how teaching can shape a person's future has deeply inspired me to embrace this responsibility and create opportunities through the teaching of Art & Design. 


During my leisure time, I find solace in visiting galleries and museums, immersing myself in the world of art. To maintain an active lifestyle, I actively engage as a member of the gym and indulge in weekly football matches. Additionally, I am passionate about giving back to the community and have actively participated in charity events within my local area.