Samuel Heald

Head of Year 7

My name is Mr. Samuel Heald and this will be my third year at GEMS Metropole and my first as Head of Year 7. I started working in secondary education almost by accident, after completing my undergraduate degree in Astrophysics, by becoming a teaching assistant to a student with autism. Eight years later, I have my PGCE in Physics and Maths, experience in three very different secondary schools in Manchester and two years experience in Dubai – I still could not imagine doing anything else. During my time as a teacher I have held the positions of KS3 coordinator, Deputy Head of Year 7 and now Head of Year 7. 


I am an incredibly optimistic and enthusiastic individual who will always see the positive in the situation. I also enjoy solving problems, as and when they arise, and tend to be a good sounding board for ideas when you need to think outside of the box. In lessons I always try to make my lessons as engaging as possible and endeavor to include as many real world examples and applications as possible; physics is a subject which some people have a historically negative view of – this is something I always try to challenge.